Remembering Names

Let’s face it, names are important. We all feel special when people remember our names and use them in conversation. One of the challenges of being a community leader is simply remembering everyone’s names. Here are some great tips to help you remember names:

  • When introduced to someone, repeat their name back. “It’s nice to meet you Linda.”
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. Simply say the person’s name several times in your head.
  • Ask how they spell their name. This is especially helpful if the name is unusual.
  • Word association. Find something about the person that you can associate with them. Rhyming works too. (Pam is wearing purple. Robert has red hair. Lynn is thin. etc)
  • Make a connection. Maybe the person looks like someone in your family or someone famous. Remember the comparison.
  • Keep using their name. If conversing for a while, use their name again.
  • If you forget, don’t be embarrassed to ask their name again.

Do you have a unique or unusual way to remember names? I would love to hear about it! Email me with your tip.


MainStreet: Thinking About Promotions and Design

Since the Design Point focuses on the physical assets and elements of a district and the goal of Promotion is to market a positive image for the district to customers, investors and residents, there are many opportunities for volunteers in Promotion and Design to work together. Creating a cohesive plan for marketing the district should also consider the style and “flavor” of the physical assets in the district and the design elements of signage, wayfinding and recommendations made in design documents. Working together, Design and Promotion can create a comprehensive and cohesive plan for successfully marketing a visually attractive and vibrant historic commercial district. When was the last time your Design and Promotion volunteers met?


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