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Quick Tip: Pitching to Investors

With all the opportunities and places to invest in your community, why should an investor select your district or organization for their project? Part of promoting your district or community is being prepared to “sell it” to a variety of targets, one of them being real estate and business investors. With some comprehensive planning and a little creativity, there are several things you can have on hand to be prepared when investors make inquiries:

  1. Elevator pitch. A few sentences that describe the district, its assets and potential that you can share in about 30 seconds.
  2. Business recruitment brochure or rack card. Collect information about target markets, current business mix, economic data, etc. and have them in one document.
  3. New business packet. A folder with information on the district or community, your organization and things that will be helpful to newcomers to the district.
  4. Available property listing. Print or online.
  5. Top five reasons. Have a list of five reasons why someone should invest in your community.

This is definitely one of those projects that will involve input from your partners, so collaborate with your board and stakeholders to be ready when investors look at your community!

MainStreet: Tooting Your Horn

In the revitalization process of MainStreet we spend a lot of time transforming and enriching all aspects of our districts. But because we are so busy with the tasks, projects and activities that go into that, we often don’t spend enough time “tooting our horns.” I always felt like it might be seen as bragging, but the truth is that if you don’t celebrate the successes of your program, people will not know and incorrect perceptions could be created that are difficult to change. Here are three simple ways to share important news about your program and activities:

  1. Press releases – Have a simple, one-page template where you can insert your title, news and a quote from a Board Member, business owner, or government official. You can announce a new business opening, thank event participants, announce events and projects, announce work days and activities, share awards from NMMS, share NMSC and NMMS news, and anything great that is happening in your district.
  2. Facebook – Whenever you have a meeting, event or activity, these are great opportunities to take pictures and share video about your district. Pictures and videos are more likely to be seen, and shared, in the news feeds of your friends and followers. Don’t be afraid to comment on your own posts. This is another way to be seen by more people.
  3. Use Your Board – Your Board Members typically have different circles of influence and are part of different organizations. Ask them to share the story of what is happening with your program with those groups. It helps them stay connected to what is happening and broadens the credibility of your program. (BONUS – Also consider having Board Members take turns sharing the activities they are part of during your reports to the City and County. It is good for the officials to see the constituents that are working with you!)

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